ur product, FAST.GenericSwitch offers a software architecture that can link your central system with services published by their customers or suppliers.

It is an innovative concept that can be understood as a central consumer of services with business architecture, dynamic and highly parameterizable.


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IT departments face a constant problem: Consuming services based on heterogeneous software and hardware platforms. FAST Generic Switch will help you to consume any kind of software service with a common interface to your Central System. This application will allow you to consume web services, interact with message queues, COM +, TCP/IP sockets, File Systems or any component of your own or third-party development software.

It is very likely that your company needs to consume from their customer or suppliers a wide range of software services that are published on different technologies and platforms (Web Services, COM +, DCOM, MQ, RPC, Components .Net or Java, Socket, etc.). Traditionally it would require a software solution to consume each service.

It facilitates the incorporation of new services without impacting those that have been previously implemented.

Our Customers

Main Features

Various models of connectivity with your central system

  • Database: On your central server, we create a set of tables that will store service consumption requests, input parameters and results.

  • Our system can connect to Sybase, Sql Server, AS / 400, Oracle, Postgre Sql, among others.

  • Web Services:We publish a web service that will be the gateway to the consumption of services in general.

  • MQ: Your system can write requests and read responses using messaging queues.

Flexible connectivity model with excellent performance

FAST.GenericSwitch allows you to consume heterogeneous services from an enterprise architecture. For each service, the kernel creates a multi-thread dispatcher that allows multiple requests to be transmitted in parallel, optimizing response times and taking advantage of server resources to the maximum.

The results are returned to the interface with your system as a well-structured data collection.

Constant monitoring of the state of services consumed

FAST.GenericSwitch integrates a very complete transaction log into the server, either in a text file or in the server’s event log.

The system includes a client application that allows monitoring the status of configured services and incoming requests and their results.

Our Experience

Citibank of Costa Rica: 01/2011

We implement FAST.GenericSwitch to create an interface with third parties through the consumption of web services and other standards technologies. We implemented consumption of web services published by the National Bank of Costa Rica for pay bills for more than 150 different payees, among them are colleges, universities, public companies, utilities, telephone companies, credit cards, taxes, municipalities, etc.
In addition, an end2end solution was developed for the receipt of payments from the services of all the payees (more than 150), which included a system for pay bills for the cashiers and other for pay bills on-line. Also, an administrative system that provides operations consultations, generate a balance, reconciliation of transactions, as well as the accounting interface of the day’s operations.
Developed under .Net Framework 3 and Sybase 12.5

Citibank of Costa Rica: 01/2011

We use FAST.GenericSwitch for consuming of the web services published by the MERLINK on-line market of Costa Rica, of the Technical Secretary of Digital Government of Costa Rica.
In addition, the End2End solution was developed for the issuance of electronic banking guarantees through MERLINK, for that purpose we add several screens to the COMEXT system for parameterization, generation, authorization and queries of electronic banking guarantees. SQR batch reports were also created.
Developed under .Net Framework 3 and Sybase 12.5.